Conference Day 1: Main Hall

Official Opening
High-Tech Entrepreneurship and the Evolution of Humanity
Kamran Elahian

Start Up Ecosystem
Dave McClure

Pyramids vs. Machines: The Race to Win in Tomorrow’s Global Economy
Dr. Hamid Biglari
Cafe Bazaar
Hesam Armandehi
How to Demolish the Bridge?
Farshid Hendi
What I Learned from Entrepreneurial Activities in Iran
Mehdi Keshavarz
Entrepreneurship Succeeds Everywhere!
Mohsen Malayeri

Social Entrepreneurship
Stephan Chambers, Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann, Dr. Sabri Saidam


Conference Day 2: Main Hall


Iran’s Ecosystem: Players and Sectors
Prof. Alinaghi Mashayekhi
Round Table: Developing Iran’s High-Tech Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Nazanin Daneshvar, Hamed Ghanedpour, Nasser Ghanemzadeh, Rasoul Oskouy, Roozbeh Pirouz, Yahya Tabesh, Ali Zuashkiani
Collaborative Innovation
Ruha Reyhani
Round Table: Shifting Paradigms and Expanding Horizons to Bring About a Innovation Economy
Neveen El-Tahri, Brienne Ghafourifar, Matthias Gohl, Gisu Hariri, Sohrab Vosoughi
The Value of Taking Risk
Reza Pakravan
Pitch Fest
Neda Amidi, Prof. Yahya Tabesh, Pitch Fest Participants

Conference Day 3: Main Hall

The Next Big Thing: Top 5 High-Tech Trends of the Coming Years
Saeed Amidi
Designing Local, Reaching Global
Francis Zadan
3D Printing the Future
Damien Declercq
Iran: Land of Opportunities
Dr. Fereidoun Ghasemzadeh
Looking Into the Future: Promoting High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Iran
Prof. Payman Arabshahi, Dr. Fereidoun Ghasemzadeh, Prof. Yahya Tabesh
iBRIDGES: Next Steps
Amir Zarkesh