Conference Day 1: Main Hall

Official Opening
Roya Soleimani, Dariush Zahedi and Svetlana Velikanova

Zero to Hero
Kamran Elahian

Disrupt or Die! Unless we accept disruption we can not innovate or stay in business
Linda Bernardi

Social Entrepreneurship
Nasrolah Rezaey

VC Panel – Why I Would or Would Not Invest in Your Company
Sharif El-Badawi,Nina Seghatoleslami, Daniil Kozlov, Dave McClure, and Robert Babayi

VC Panel – Latest Investment Trends
Esteve Jane, Amir Banifatemi, Arman Pahlavan, Dmitry Repin, Ricard Garriga

Building Silicon Valley Ecosystems Outside of the Valley
Dave McClure

Global Mega Trends & Their Implications
Shane Tedjarati

Are you ready for the mobile era?
Aleix Valls

National Geographic and Beyond: the Power of Photography
Reza Deghati


Conference Day 2: Main Hall


Entrepreneurial Challenges and Success Stories
Mariam Khosravani

The Future of Technology and its Impact
Anousheh Ansari

Panel – Entrepreneurial Challenges and Success Stories
Sara Ahmadian, Anousheh Ansari, Elnaz Sarraf and Zohre Elahian

Some Ideas on Fixing an Asymmetric World. UNICEF Ventures: New Models of Investing in Open Source Startups
Christopher Fabian

Science Parks and Areas of Innovation: From Barcelona to Iran
Josep Pique

Dariush Zahedi

Conference Day 3: Main Hall

Social Entrepreneurs: Bridging Divides to Drive Solutions
Sally Osberg

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
Farhad Mohit

Blockchain beyond the hype
Daniel Gasteiger

From Gaza Strip to Silicon Strip: Lesson Learned Building a Frontier Tech Ecosystem
Ryan Sturgill, and Said Hasan

From Shiraz to Mars, No dream is too big if….
Firouz Naderi

iBRIDGES, What’s Next?
Amir Zarkesh