What is the purpose and vision of the iBRIDGES community?

iBRIDGES is an open, inclusive and collaborative initiative which aims to empower a worldwide high-tech entrepreneurial community, focused on those of Iranian descent, to exchange knowledge, best practices, and innovative thinking. The iBRIDGES community is committed to nurturing individuals who build and accelerate the growth of an “Innovation Economy” everywhere.

Who is behind the iBRIDGES initiative?
The iBRIDGES initiative was started in 2014 as a collective effort of Iranians interested in, and involved with high technology entrepreneurship in the US. Since then it has grown to a larger worldwide community engaged in organizing its annual conferences and pursuit of its objectives.
How is iBRIDGES financed?

iBRIDGES presently is run by an all-volunteer team mainly comprised of the present and past board members who offer their time without any compensation in any shape or form. All board members pay their own expenses to attend any event or conference.
All finances are provided through occasional fund raising where the board members and others make denotations to cover the cost of conferences or events as the registration fee only covers a small portion of expenses. The list of donors can be found in the report for each past conference.

Has iBRIDGES received any funds from any government entity?

No, iBRIDGES has never received or asked for funds from any government entity.

Does iBRIDGES work with any individual or entity inside IRAN?

No. Some startups from Iran have participated in our previous conferences, nonetheless at this time iBRIDGES goal is to concentrate on entrepreneurs of Iranian descent outside Iran. However, any startup or individual no matter where they may be are welcomed to attend our events.

How can I get involved with the iBRIDGE community?

iBRIDGE encourages people with interest and expertise to get engaged as speakers, participants and volunteers.  Connect with us via our LinkedIn Group

How is iBRIDGES organized and run?

iBRIDGE is an open participatory community that is currently run by its board of directors and volunteers from around the globe who work collaboratively to deliver on the annual iBRIDGES events and its other initiatives.

What is the legal setup of the iBRIDGES initiative?

iBRIDGES is a US non-profit501(c)(3) Tax deductible organization.

iBRIDGE conferences are sponsored by the BIT-AMENA Center, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. These conferences are educational initiatives that are compliant with the laws of the U.S. and the EU.

Does iBRIDGES file any tax return?

All Non-proft organizations in the US have to file tax return. Small nonprofits with less than annual gross receipts of $50,000.00 file form 990. IBRIDGES prior to 2016 operated through support of the Berkeley Program on Entrepreneurship and Development in the Middle East, and the office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Berkeley.