Please note that the talks and panel discussions will be conducted in English.

Saturday, May 30th


8:00 am PST

Welcoming by MC: Yasmine Berns


8:05 am PST

 Fereydoun Taslimi and Kamran Elahian in Conversation

Fereydoun Taslimi, President of iBridges and Kamran Elahian, philanthropist and entrepreneur who co-founded many companies of which several became unicorns, will have a free format discussion of personal experience of going through hard times running a startup and surviving.

Fereydoun Taslimi
Founder, Sensorscall
President of iBridges

Kamran Elahian
Founder and Chairman
Global Innovation Catalyst


8:25 am PST

Panel 1: How to adapt your business model to the new post-COVID market realities: Challenges and Opportunities

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on startups. Private startup funding had declined steeply, and the prospect of going back to normal any time soon seems dim. Many start-ups have had to close.

Beyond innovations in the health sector, there will be a search for new solutions for conducting business, delivering goods and services differently, and innovating to strive. The panelists in this session will share their thoughts on challenges and opportunities facing startups in the wake of Covid19.

Mr. Nicklas Bergman
Entrepreneur & Futurist, Sweden

Ms. Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson,

Mr. Johann Romefort
Managing Director Techstars
Munich, Germany

Mr. Mikael Kretz
Founder & Executive Partner at QGroup
San Francisco, USA


Mr. Niclas Carlsson
Founders Alliance, Sweden


9:10 am PST

Quick Break


9:15 am PST

Anousheh Ansari and Firouz Naderi in Conversation

Anousheh Ansari, CEO X-Prize, and Firouz Naderi, Director of Solar System Exploration (retired) at NASA’s JPL will discuss Innovation, practical recommendations on re-inventing oneself and adjusting to changing circumstances.

Anousheh Ansari
CEO, X-Prize

Firouz Naderi
Director of Solar System Exploration (retired) at NASA’s JPL


9:35 am PST

Panel 2: Funding your start-up during and after the crisis

It is estimated that the global economy will shrink by at least 3 percent as a result of Covid19. Therefore, governments and international organizations are pumping trillions to support their consumers, companies, small businesses, and public institutions. What kind of support can startups and innovators expect within these stimulus plans? With negative market yields and high volatility, where are private investors? Are these schemes open to immigrant/diaspora innovators/startups? How?


Ms. Katerina Borunska
European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
(focus: EU funding)

Ms. Anjel Noorbakhsh
Ada Ventures
(focus: UK funding post-Brexit)

Mr. Mahboob Bolandi
Founder, Karafarin Canada
(focus: Canada funding opportunities)

Mr. Arman Pahlavan
Partner, Perkins Coie
Palo Alto USA


10:20 am PST

Closing Remarks and next steps, Fereydoun Taslimi, iBridges President


Fereydoun Taslimi
Founder, Sensorscall
President of iBridges

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